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This week, we finished the dialogue from PASATIEMPOS, on page 25
¿Qué haces en tu tiempo libre? – What do you do in your free time? Yo paseo mucho al campo. Me gusta el aire libre. Escucho música, sobre todo la música clásica. ¿Y tú? – I walk in the countryside a lot. I like fresh air. I listen to music, especially classic music. And you? Yo voy mucho de compras, todos los fines de semana. También juego al golf. ¿Practicas algún deporte? – I go shopping often, every weekend. I also play golf. Do you practise any sport? ¿Deporte? No, Bueno, a veces nado. Y bailo, me gusta bailar salsa. ¿Tocas algún instrumento? – Sports? No, well, I swim sometimes. And I dance, I like dancing salsa. Do you play any instrument? Sí, toco la guitarra, pero muy mal. – Yeah I play the guitar, but very bad. Yo toco el piano. Y canto, ¡pero solo en la ducha! – Yeah I play the guitar. And I sing, but only in the shower! ¿Y los fines de semana, qué haces? – And at weekends, what do you do? Normalmente voy al cine con …


We in Sligo Spanish Society are delighted to present Rafa Bocero in his first ever Irish performance.
Rafa is a singer-songwriter from Cordoba in Spain, and will play for us on Friday June 3rd, in the Yeats Building Sligo. The event starts at 8pm.
Rafa has performed all over Spain, Cuba, Germany and Portugal, and has collaborated with various artists, including Lien y Rey in Cuba and Estrada Fado group in Germany.
In 2013 his song El Pasito was used as an anthem by Cordoba football club, and was instrumental in forming a bond between club and fans that led to the team being promoted to the Primera Liga.
His songs have also been used in various Spanish television programmes, including on the show Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa, on the Tele5 channel.
Rafa’s visit to Sligo is especially fitting as he is going to play live for the first time his song The Fiddler of Dooney, which uses the words of the Yeats poem of the same name which Rafa has set to music.
The event will begin at 8pm. Adm…