New format Spanish classes return this Autumn with a new format. We have decided to run hybrid     courses this term – this means that we will have 50% face to face classes and 50% online classes. Despite this, if someone wants to attend every class online, this is also   something we are looking to accommodate. Covid policy For now, in our classroom-based classes we will ask students to wear masks and maintain social distance. We will re-evaluate this policy in October, taking into account public health advice. All of our teachers are fully vaccinated. Location Face to face classes will take place in IT Sligo. Online classes will be on Zoom. Dates and times All classes are from 7.30pm to 8.45pm. Classes begin September 27 th and end December 8 th . We will have a mid-term break for a week, the same week as schools. Price All courses are €120 for 10 weeks. We have a discounted rate of €100 for the unwaged – full-time students and social welfare recipients. Please


We are back with our Spanish courses for the New Year. We have a range of courses at  levels from Beginner to Intermediate, as well as a Spanish Leaving Cert course. Courses begin the week of January 18 th .      For now we are continuing on Zoom, so you will need an internet connection to attend  the classes. We have been teaching on Zoom for most of the last year and it has been working well. Times and Duration All classes are from 7.30pm to 8.45pm, except the Leaving Cert course. All courses are for 10 weeks, until Easter.  Cost All courses cost €100. More info   Courses Beginner For those who want to start from the very beginning. Book a place here .  Starts Monday, January 18 th . Beginner 2 A follow on from our Beginner course of last year. For those who have done one Spanish course in the past. Book a place here.   Starts Tuesday, January 19 th . Elementary For those who have done a number of courses in the past and wo


We are back, with our Autumn course schedule. 10 week courses for all levels, with a mix of face to face and online classes. We plan to have 40% face to face and 60% online classes for this term. Our first class will be in a classroom. Email for more info.                                                              Location Yeats Building, Sligo. Online on Zoom. Price €120 full price, €100 for students or the unemployed (this is a reduction of our normal price). Duration and times  Online classes will be 75 minutes long and  will be from 7.30pm to 8.45pm. Our face to face classes will be 60 minutes.  Face to face classes will be from 7pm to 8pm or from 8.15pm to 9.15pm.  LEVELS BEGINNERS – Tuesdays This is for those people who want to start from the very beginning and who have little or no knowledge of Spanish. It starts on Tuesday, September 22nd at 7.00pm.  Book a place here.  Please email if you require the €100 price for students or unemployed; sligos


As I write, many of us are at home now without much to do, so it is a good time to learn something new.  We have decided to put some of the material from our Spanish courses online - and also to create new material and videos and upload them too - so that people can continue studying Spanish even though we have had to suspend our classes.  The blog posts and videos will, at first, be a little random - they will be for a variety of levels and will address many different topics. But whatever your level, we are sure you will find something to entertain and educate you. We will regularly add new blog posts.  Full list of all lessons now here.   If you have any requests, please get in touch;  Every blog post will have a level attached. Our Level guide will be useful to help you see which videos are best for you, though of course you can watch any video you want...... COMPLETE BEGINNERS : Self-explanatory, for students who have had very little or no


We are suspending all of our Spanish and salsa classes for the time being, in light of the Coronavirus outbreak.  Students of Spanish have two classes to complete in their courses, and these classes will be taught whenever things return to some kind of normality. 


On Saturday the 7 th March 2020, exactly two years after the start of this project, singer songwriter and composer, Felip Carbonell will deliver chapter four of his series of concerts dedicated to the Hispanic poets and songwriters. Having performed three unique concerts prior to this, La Nueva Trova Cubana (#1), Chile y Argentina (#2) and Boleros de Mexico y Cuba (#3) , Felip will introduce us this time to the poetry of The Great Spanish Poets of the 20 th Century . The big names of Antonio Machado, Rafael Alberti and Federico García Lorca have always attracted a plethora of songwriters and composers from different parts of the world to explore their poems and compose music for them.  This concert will feature a small selection of the works of these and other poets -all of them in Spanish - put to music by mainly Joan Manuel Serrat and Paco Ibáñez , two of the Spanish songwriters that influenced Felip’s early years as a musician. The relaxed format of this co


Give your dancing a boost with our Salsa Workshop on Saturday, February 29th.  We are pleased to welcome Jonathan Navarrete to Sligo to give an afternoon salsa workshop. Jonathan is originally from Ecuador but now teaches salsa and bachata in Dublin Salsa Academy.  The workshop will run from 2pm to 6pm and will be useful for Beginners and Improvers. We will cover the fundamentals of good, stylish salsa; basic steps, body movement, footwork, turns, partnerwork, simple and more advanced combinations.  Come, learn and have fun too! The workshop costs €24 and takes place in the Avalon Centre, Sligo, near the Garda Station and Dunnes Stores.  Email: to book a place or for more info.