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Situations for elementary Today we did a revision of the topics we have seen these past weeks. Here there four situations we worked with:
1.-Las tapas. One person is a waiter and the other person is a customer. Create a conversation where the customer orders both food and drinks and the waiter keeps making questions.
2.-Un día normal. You meet through a dating app and they want to find out about each other. Ask as many questions as you can.
3.-El transporte. One of you will travel somewhere and they other person will be a member of the staff in a bus or train station. Create a conversation.
4.-Los muebles y las habitaciones You want to take part of a reality show where people show their houses. One of you will have to describe their own house in order to be chosen and the other one will describe their ideal house.
Other words that came up during the class: Soy tímido/tímida: I am shy Un invernadero: a greenhouse Una boda: a wedding Algunas: some Guardar: to store Una mesa libre: a free table Una com…


This week, we listened to the dialogues on page 21-22
-Perdone, señor, ¿dónde está el casco antiguo? –Excuse me sir, where’s the city’s old part? -Está muy cerca. Está a cinco minutos a pie, al final de esta calle. – It is very close. It’s five mintues on foot, at the end of this road. -Perdone señora, ¿hay un restaurante por aquí? – Excuse me madam, is there a restaurant over here? -Sí, hay un buen restaurante en la Calle Jaén. Siga todo recto y tome la segunda calle a la derecha. – Yes, there’s a good restaurant in Jaén St. Go straight and take the second road on the right. -Perdone señor, ¿por dónde se va a la estación de trenes? –Excuse me sir, what’s the way to go to the train station? -Suba la calle, hasta los semáforos. Tome la tercera calle a la izquierda, y la estación está a la derecha, en frente de la catedral. –Go up this road, until the traffic lights. Take the third road on the left and the train station i son the right, in front of the cathedral. -Perdone señor, ¿La playa,…


We revised talking in the future....
Some useful words....
a lo mejor = tal vez = quizás - maybe
hay que - it is necessary to.....

we then went on to looking at crime vocab....on p. 41
un abogado - a lawyer
una amenaza - a threat
un testigo - a witness
un juez - a judge
secuestrar - to kidnap
un secuestrador - a kidnapper

we read the first part of a text about a kidnapping
un aula - a classroom
gritar - to shout
rescatar - to rescue

Our homework is to answer the questions on p. 43