This week we learnt how to describe people physically.


¿Cómo es él/ella? – What’s he/she like?
Él es bajo – He is short
Él es alto – He is tall
Él es gordo – He is fat
Él es delgado – He is thin
Él es viejo – He is old
Ella es joven – She is young
Ella es rubia – She is blond
Ella es morena – She has dark hair
Ella es pelirroja – She is ginger
Él es feo – He is ugly
Ella es guapa – She is pretty
Tiene los ojos verdes / marrones / azules – He/she has green / brown / blue eyes
Tiene el pelo largo / corto / rizado – He has long / short / curly hair
Lleva barba / gafas / bigote – He has a beard / glasses / moustache

We learnt some useful verbs to talk about descriptions:
Ser – To be
Yo soy – I am
Tú eres – You are
Él / ella es – He / she is
Nosotros somos – We are
Vosotros sois – You are
Ellos / ellas son – They are

Tener – to have
Yo tengo – I have
Tú tienes – You have
Él /ella tiene – He/she has
Nosotros tenemos – We have
Vosotros tenéis – You have
Ellos tienes – they have

Llevar – To wear
Yo llevo – I wear
Tú llevas – You wear
Él / ella lleva – He/ she wears
Nosotros llevamos – We wear
Vosotros lleváis – You wear
Ellos llevan – They wear

We also described the pictures below.
1.Él tiene un sombrero, tiene los ojos verdes y lleva barba – He has a hat, green eyes and a beard
2.Ella es guapa, es morena y lleva gafas – She is pretty, she has dark hair and she’s wearing glasses.
3.Ella es delgada, es pelirroja y tiene el pelo corto y rizado. She is slim, she is ginger and she has curly short hair.
4.Ellos son delgados y guapos. Él es moreno y ella es rubia. Ella tiene el pelo largo y él tiene el pelo corto. They are slim and pretty. He has dark hair and she is blond. She has long hair and he has short hair.
5.Él es gordo y calvo. Él bebe una cerveza. – He is fat and bald. He is drinking a beer.
6. Él lleva un sombrero, lleva gafas y tiene barba. Tiene pelo canoso – He is wearing a hat, he is wearing glasses and he has a beard. He has white hair.
7. Él es delgado y calvo. Lleva gafas y barba de chivo – He is slim and bald. He is wearing glasses and goatee beard.

Some new words we learnt:
Flaco – skinny
Ondulado – wavy
Calvo – bald
Pelo canoso/gris  – white-haired
Gafas de sol – sunglasses
No tiene mucho pelo – He doesn’t have much hair
Rico – rich
Empresario – businessman
Pelo con estilos diferentes – hair with different styles
Creo que … - I think that, I believe that…
Muy gordo – very fat
Feliz/contento – Happy
Desordenado – Messy
Jóvenes – Young (plural)
Pálido – pale
Está quemado/a – he/she’s got a sunburnt
Está bronceado/a  - he/she’s got a tanned skin

We did the guessing exercise:
¿Quién es? – Who is this?
Es un hombre famoso. Es bajo, delgado y joven – He is a famous man. He is short, slim and Young.
Tiene el pelo corto y los ojos marrones – He has short hair and brown eyes.
Es argentino pero vive en España – He is Argentinian but he lives in Spain.
Es el mejor jugador del mundo – He is the most famous player in the world.

And to wrap up, in pairs, we thought of a famous person and we described it.


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