Martes, el 26 de mayo, 2015

This week we talked about the gerund.
Beber – to drink
Quitarse la camisa – to take off the shirt
Bailar – to dance
Abrir – to open
Sentarse – to sit down
Escribir – to write
Hablar – to talk / speak
Ver/mirar – to see, to watch

El gerundio – the gerund
The gerund is the –ing forms in English. In Spanish, we can use two different endings: -ando/
Trabajar – to work
Trabajando – working
Vivir – to live
Viviendo – living
Comer – to eat
Comiendo – eating
Dormir – to sleep
Durmiendo – sleeping
Morir – to die
Muriendo – dying
Leer – to read
Leyendo – Reading
Oir – to hear
Oyendo – hearing
Sentir – to feel
Sintiendo – feeling
Repetir – to repeat
Repitiendo – repeating
These verbs, together with the verb ESTAR, form what is called EL GERUNDIO in Spanish.
Yo estoy comiendo – I am eating
Tú estás leyendo – you are reading
Él/ella está durmiendo – s/he is sleeping
Nosotros estamos bebiendo – We are drinking
Vosotros estáis corriendo – You are running
Ellos están bailando – They are dancing

In pairs, we worked on a true / false exercise.
¿Verdadero o falso?
La chica de la falda amarilla está bebiendo vino – The girl in the yellow skirt is drinking wine.
El señor del bigote está bailando – The man with the moustache is dancing.
La señora del vestido verde está abriendo la puerta – The lady in the green skirt is opening the door
El chico de la camisa blanca está sentándose – The boy in the white shirt is sitting down
La chica de los pantalones rojos está hablando con otra chica – The girl in the red trousers is talking to another girl.
El chico de la cazadora marrón está comiendo algo – The boy in the brown jacket is eating something.
La señora del vestido rojo está viendo los discos – The lady in the red dress is looking at the CDs.
El chico de los pantalones marrones está escribiendo – The boy in the brown trousers is writing.
El señor de las gafas está quitándose la chaqueta – The man with the glasses is taking off his jacket.

To finish with, we completed the pictures on page 13 with our own ideas.
1.Están aprendiendo / jugando – They are learning / playing
2.Está vistiéndose – He is getting dressed
3.La niña está comiendo una manzana – The girl is eating an apple
4.Los chicos están andando por la playa – The boys are walking along the beach
5.El ladrón está robando – The robber is stealing
6.El chico está durmiendo – The boy is sleeping
7.Está haciendo deporte – She is doing sports
   Está corriendo – She is running
8.El hombre está leyendo – The man is reading
   Está estudiando – he is studying
9.El chico está hablando por teléfono con sus amigos – He is talking to his Friends on the phone

Other words and expressions we learnt today:

Ir de copas – To go for a drink
Tomar copas – To have drinks
Dar una vuelta – to go for a walk
Dar una fiesta – to throw a party
Despegar – to take off
Charlar – to chat
Cotillear – to gossip
No funciona – it doesn’t work


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